Serving the Town of Drayton Valley and Brazeau County in crime prevention by reporting
criminal activity to the local RCMP.
We are the silent "EYES & EARS" watching our

Mission statement
The Drayton Valley Citizens On Patrol of Alberta is an organised group of committed volunteers, helping to maintain a safe and crime free community by reporting suspicious or criminal activity to the local RCMP detachment while doing regular patrols of the town and surrounding areas.

Contact DV COP by email if you are interested in joining
joindvcop @ gmail.com (no spaces)

Next Meeting
Wednesday Aug 9th, 2020


Regular meetings held 2nd Wednesday each month
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Members wanted
Email for meeting date, time and place ------->See contact info, right column

The Drayton Valley C.O.P. has been in existence since 2004 providing assistance to the police by patrolling your community to observe any possible criminal activity. By being an extra set of "eyes and ears", the patrol will be able to assist in the deterrence of crime in the areas where you as citizens reside.The patrol is not designed to replace the regular police but allow the police to be able to direct their focus to other areas of potential crime.
The patrol operates under the direction of the NCO i/c of the Drayton Valley Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Drayton Valley Citizens On Patrol Society would like to thank Walmart for their generous contribution to help keep the DV C.O.P. active in the town and county making a safer community for everyone.
joindvcop @ gmail.com  (no spaces)

Citizens On Patrol Drayton Valley always watching our Town and Brazeau  County
We DO NOT put ourselves at any risk
Some of the many things we watch and report while on patrol

Keeping our children and community safe


Where is Drayton Valley, Alberta
Click to find   Drayton Valley, Ab  on map or click  Satellite view  for a view of our town

Panorama view of Drayton Valley, Alberta

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New members wanted and welcome:
Applications available from this page, to download and print see links below.
There are no membership fees or personal costs when you join.

Learn more about C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol)
Watch videos below from ACOPA to see how and why we volunteer to help our community.
You can become a member of the Drayton Valley C.O.P. chapter of ACOPA (Alberta Citizens On Patrol Association).
For more information please contact the Drayton Valley - RCMP Detachment at 780-542-4457
Where can I get an application:
Printable application available below;
There are two separate forms to fill out, both forms must be filed out and signed before handing in at the local RCMP Detachment.

Form 1 - DV C.O.P. Application
Form 2 - DV C.O.P. - RCMP Consent Form

Or at; The local RCMP Detachment reception area.
Senior Citizens Club of Drayton Valley.
Town of Drayton Valley.
Ask any C.O.P. member for assistance.

Contact, General Inquiries or Information:
Manual input, email
joindvcop @ gmail.com  (no spaces)

Mailing address:
Drayton Valley Citizens on Patrol Society
C/O Drayton Valley RCMP
PO Box 6060 - Stn Main
5409 - Industrial Rd.
Drayton Valley, Alberta T7A 1R6

 Information on Marijuana Grow-Ops   HERE
 How to spot "A Grow Op"   HERE

Join DV C.O.P. and help keep your community safe for everyone
We DO NOT put ourselves at any risk

If you suspect or see anything suspicious, always report to your local police or contact TIPS.
  Some of the many things we watch and report while on patrol

Drug activity