This page is posted by the Drayton Valley C.O.P. as a service to help Alberta, Citizens On Patrol groups get their local C.O.P. group information posted on ACOPA's new web page.

This web site and information has not been sanctioned or requested by either the web site designer, AMA or ACOPA and is the sole initiative and voluntary effort by a Citizens On Patrol member to assist C.O.P. groups to post their information on ACOPA's, C.O.P. Groups web page. 

This document is meant to be very basic instruction for individuals that are hesitant to use ACOPA's C.O.P. Group page.

Special note: Your C.O.P. Group does not need it's own web page to post information on the ACOPA, C.O.P. Groups web page. A web site is optional, that being said if your group does not have a web site, this is an excellent opportunity to post information about your group at no cost.

Just to get started with some general information, the ACOPA Groups site is designed for the layman and a person does not need any special knowledge of programming to do an information page for your group. Don't expect your work on the ACOPA web page to have a polished professional look when building or when completed. Depending on your knowledge it can be very basic text only or enhance it by using the editing tools provided to improve the appearance. The main objective is to get information posted about your group that others can see when scanning through the page of Alberta C.O.P. groups. Hopefully your page and others will increase the awareness of the public about the work that Citizens On Patrol do in every community where they are active, plus it will give prospective new members information on becoming a C.O.P. member.
Your group site can start with the basic information such as your mission statement, information about your city/town, history of your group, the objective of your group, contact information for new members, meeting date/time etc, your choice on the input. The page can be started now and additions made later or edited or posts removed at any time. What you post is not written in stone so this should build your confidence to experiment and try to get started with only basic information then build later as desired.

Here is my simple challenge, especially if you are hesitant to try. Go to this page scroll to the bottom of the page, log-in to the ACOPA web page with the ID and password information that was supplied. Go to the top menu either C.O.P.'S or RESOURCES and click the "Down facing arrow head" and click on C.O.P. Groups. Next, scroll down until you find your location above a Logo then click on the logo. There will be an <Edit> tab, click the edit tab and scroll down to the <Body> text box and type "  Hello  ". Scroll to the bottom of the page and click either <Save> or <Preview>.
Voila!! you have become an instant programmer.
If you clicked <Preview> just keep on editing, remove " Hello " go to the top and start filling in the boxes about your group and click <Save> when done. If you clicked <Save> after you typed " Hello " click <Edit> again and continue as per last sentence.
The Log-out is in the Members Menu at the upper right.

Print the above " Simple Challenge " so you can follow the steps

More details in a picture format

Here is what you can expect to see after you have logged in and click on your location Logo, note the <Edit> mode:
Click <Edit> to enter the information form showing in the next image.

General information about your C.O.P. Group:
Just fill in the boxes that are pertinent to your group. If you have a web site insert (copy and paste) the URL (web address) in the proper box, same for your email address if applicable.
Leave boxes blank where you have no information.

This is where you tell the world about your C.O.P. group
Think....... who you are, what you do, where you are, why C.O.P. is important to the community, contacts, meetings, mission statement or ask for new members. Another suggestion is place a link to your town's web page especially if the town web page mentions your C.O.P. group under its volunteer section.

Upload a image using the icon just right of the anchor tool.

Information on Edit, Preview and Save near the bottom of the image.

 Group Logo
There is a place to upload your Group's Logo, if you do not have a Logo they can be made using a picture editor program. The logo should be made with the correct ratio to fill the area set aside for logos. The web page suggests 150 pixels wide and 178 pixels high, it can be larger than these pixels but the ratio should stay the same. If you have a logo, upload it from your computer or device into the Logo section and see how it looks even a different ratio. The logo can be removed/changed/replaced easily.

Changing your Password
This is a bit confusing with the wording given. When logging in there is a link to "Request a new password" which sets up a process to "Change the password", to a password of your choice.
From the ACOPA log in page fill in the ID and password supplied to you. Rather than click "Log in" click on "Request a new Password".
A new page will open, input your email address (carefully) and submit.
Open the email sent to your address and click the link supplied in the email.
A good plan is to choose a password ahead of time and keep it written in a secure place (I know you always do this, hmmm).
A new page opens where you enter your own new password (two times).
After submitting, a note will pop up saying your password has been updated (something to that affect).
Use the new password for future log ins. 

Hopefully this information will give individuals the information to at least attempt to fill in their C.O.P. information to make ACOPA's Group Page a good source for information about Alberta's, Citizens On Patrol groups.

This information will be updated as deemed necessary and remain available for the foreseeable future.
To locate this page later either bookmark it or Google "Drayton Valley COP" when at our site, click the link "cophelp" in the left navigation bar.

Any comments, suggestions or questions email
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Created Apr 25, 2014
Updates Apr 27