New Member Information

What you need to know if you want to join the Drayton Valley Citizens On Patrol

What we do:

We serve the citizens of Drayton Valley and County by working in partnership with the RCMP and the community. Our role is to act as additional eyes and ears for the local RCMP Detachment by patrolling our community and reporting any suspicious activity or noting suspicious persons or vehicles. Drayton Valley C.O.P. members pair up in a members' vehicle on a scheduled basis, usually twice per month to patrol the town and surrounding areas. In the event that we observe something suspicious, we contact the RCMP who investigate the situation.

While on patrol the C.O.P. members keep their anonymity by trying to blend into the regular traffic flow to appear as ordinary citizens on the move. The vehicle and the members do not carry outside identification, the members do have issued C.O.P. vests and ID tags for identification.

Each DV C.O.P. team is equipped with a patrol kit. The kit includes a police two way radio, flashlight, binoculars, writing materials, manuals, maps and forms. Member use their own cell phones for additional communication while out patrolling. The patrol normally begins in the evening hours and extends into early morning. Patrol dates are scheduled to suit the volunteer member.

What can new members expect:

To become a member of the Drayton Valley Citizens on Patrol, a person must fill out an application form obtained from the RCMP local detachment. The RCMP will conduct a background check of the person with respect to the criteria they have established. The background check will take about two weeks to complete.

Once approved, an orientation course run by the local RCMP detachment to provide the new member with basic training, then a C.O.P. ID tag is issued. The new member once approved can ride along on patrols initially with two veteran members until they have completed the orientation and are confident to patrol. Patrols must always consist of at least two approved and trained members. It is best to ride with a couple of different veteran members to learn other patrol ideas and techniques.

Insurance coverage through ACOPA is in force while on duty during Patrols.

Some members join with their spouse and patrol as a team, others pair with friends. The remainder are scheduled with other members based on availability and timing.

A patrol schedule is complied at each monthly meeting for the next month. Most of our members patrol at least 2 times per month depending on their availability. A lot of activity goes on in the early hours of the morning so the later you can stay out the better.

There are no membership fees. Your contribution is your time and your vehicle. Members use their own vehicles for patrols and are not reimbursed for their time but a gas expense of $20 can be claimed for each patrol to cover fuel cost for their vehicle, this is your choice.

See Main Page for new member's applications forms.

Qualifications of a Patrol Member

1/ Eighteen years or older

2/ Resident of Drayton Valley or Brazeau County

3/ Be of good Character

4/ Pass a security screening required by the RCMP

5/ Non-acceptance into C.O.P. Program may be for a variety of reasons. However, no rationale will be provided in such instances.

6/ Satisfy the Program Coordinator of your genuine commitment to the deterrence of unlawful activity in the community.

7/ Abide by the rules and requirements of the C.O.P. Patrol program.

8/ Require to attend an interview with the Program Coordinator when requested.

Training Requirements

Each prospective Patrol member is required to undergo the inside training seminar along with additional training modules. The training provides information on observation techniques, incident reporting, note taking, traffic direction, mandate and rules of patrol.

All C.O.P. members are subject to an assessment by the Program Coordinator

For the protection of all members, it is of the utmost importance to protect and honour your privacy and anonymity (if you so choose).

Membership requirements

1/ Members of the Patrol are required to contribute a minimum of one shift (patrol) per month.

2/ Members are required to attend the monthly meetings and the AGM

3/ Members must patrol in pairs.

4/ Members are further required to participate in any training as directed by the Program Coordinator.

5/ Members are also encouraged to assist in other community functions and events.

6/ Members are expected to maintain a suitable dress code while on patrols and should refrain from displaying any obvious clothing or markings.

7/ Failure to obey the rules and regulations set out by the Drayton Valley Citizens on Patrol Program and/or any conduct that is detrimental to the RCMP or C.O.P. can lead to dismissal from the organization as determined by the Program Coordinator and/or the RCMP.

Why should I become a member of DV C.O.P.

A chance to serve your community

Create a safer community for everyone

Meet a great group of people

Patrols are enjoyable and time goes quickly when out on Patrol

DV C.O.P. has great support and appreciation from local businesses

A good opportunity to meet the local RCMP staff

Meetings are interesting and to the point with a helpful executive and members especially with new members

After application approval, orientation and a couple of new member patrols, the first solo (2 person) patrol will go very easy and you will look forward to the next patrol.

Attend a few social gatherings put on by the DV C.O.P. members and invitations to volunteer appreciation functions.